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Our Canadian website is laid out as follows. Before we get started we have the most common question answered below. After which we will have articles on the sale and general information regarding individual nebulizer machines and the different types of machines that are available.

What is a Nebulizer?

A nebulizer is a machine that turns medication into a vapor that is inhaled with a mouthpiece (or often a mask). It is most commonly used by sufferers of astham, cystic fibrosis and several other illnesses of the repiratory system. Studies have show that they are as effective as inhalers, some individuals swear by the use of nebulizers (aka atomizers) for the administration of medicine during severe asthma attacks.

They are commonly regarded as an excellent way to administer medicine to children or adults with severe asthma. The nebulization process is one that is commonly regarded as a fast way to administer large dossages of inhaled medicine (such as ventolin) quickly. If you have a child with severe asthma, a portable nebulizer for home use might be a nice alternative treatment for your offspring. You should consult with your family doctor about the option of using a nebulizer.

Nebulizer Machines

There are many different means of administering nebulizer treatments. Click the above link for our article on specific nebulizer machines. Read about ultrasonic nebulizers at this link. These types of nebulizers are highly regarding for transforming liquids into more of a fog than a mist. The basic functionality of a standard nebulizer involves a compressor to turn the medicine to liquid, a hose and an inhaler to inhale the medicine. This is a very rudimentary description and you should seek out a more practical and technical description when you are discussion treatments alternatives with your physician. Possibly the most common inhaled product is ventolin. You can read more about ventolin nebulizers at the link.

Nebuliser Parts, supplies and Accessories

The usage of a nebulizer often requires replacement parts, replacement of limited use supplies. Some of the nebulizer parts that are available are as follows: hoses, masks, inhalers. We would love to offer these parts for sale to Canadian customers

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